Extreme Knitting: an alternative to Merino Roving

There is no doubt that extreme knitting has revolutionised the knitting world, with hundreds and thousands of photos on Instagram and Pinterest just making it even more desirable. The trouble is, the process of knitting with merino roving is long and time consuming. First you need to source your giant bump of merino, knit it up into a blanket, then painstakingly hand felt the knitted strands to strengthen the fibres, before letting it dry out properly. Without the felting process, the huge weight of the unbelted blanket can make the fibres stretch, split and eventually break. And if you don't like using animal fibres? Well you are stuck.

There are amazing crafters and knitters out there doing fabulous things with ethically sourced merino, and providing a beautiful piece that is crafted to last longer than a season. If you do want a merino blanket or bump of yarn, check out Plump & Co or K1S1.

Jumbo Yarn is different. This innovative vegan yarn is made from a knitted tube that is stuffed with a colour coordinated filling, which gives the yarn its puffy, fluffy shape. It can be knitted, knotted or crocheted, and doesn't require felting or weaving in ends! Jumbo Yarn gives you all the pleasure of super chunky knitting, without the hassle of caring for delicate unspun merino wool.

KNIT SAFARI Jumbo Yarn - Inside of yarn


This depends on your needle size, stitch, tension,  and desired blanket size. 5-7 balls will make a throw for your sofa, 10-12 balls will make a blanket for a double bed, and 14-16 should cover a Super King bed. Your yardage may vary, so make sure you do the maths and get enough yarn to finish your project. 

What would you make with Jumbo Yarn? 

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